League of Legends




Play one of the world's most popular MOBAs



Compete in exciting 5v5 battles in the action/strategy game League of Legends (also called LoL). Not only is this game one of the original MOBAs, but it continues to offer a fantastic game experience as it's updated and improved upon year after year.

The battles in League of Legends are -at least at first- pretty simple: just destroy the enemy bases while defending your own. To increase your chances of winning, make sure to patiently wait as your minions move towards the enemy towers, and pay attention to the entire map, which is divided into three lanes where all the action happens.

One of League of Legend's best features is it's loads of characters to choose from. Each one has unique pros and cons that you'll have to take into account when creating a team, as you'll need a balanced group if you want to leave the battlefield victorious. And since new heroes are constantly being added, you'll always be able to find a character that fits your preferences.

On top of choosing the right heroes, you'll also have to choose the right Items. Teamwork is vital in any League of Legends game, but equipping your team with the right weapons and armor can be just as important to winning the battle.

League of Legends of one most noteworthy MOBAs in the world of videogames, not only for it's traditional MOBA mode but also for its new game: Teamfight Tactics, an Auto Chess that features LoL characters. Give it a try, create your team, and destroy the enemy base!